Risk Management

Manage all your risks in one tool!

Use AdaptiveGRC to manage, manage, analyze, visualize and report risk exposures in accordance with your directives. Apply established principles such as ISO 31000. Track risk treatment strategies with intuitive heatmaps and dashboards. Prepare corrective action plans. Stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications.

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Most popular features

Read about the most popular features of the Risk Management module and select those you find useful for your company.

Risk Register

Contains information such as risks identified, their causes, responses and other related details. It can be used for risk assessment, analysis and to plan responses to those risky situations.

Risk Analysis

Compare and assess the possible risks of any given project. Get a comprehensive view on all available options for risk management; this includes identification and analysis, mitigation strategies, contingency planning and allocation of resources.

Risk Heat map

Visualize risk in an organized manner. Present the organizational risk at a hierarchical level and provide clear visuals. This feature enables quick identification of threats that may arise within a particular category of operations, depending on its proximity to critical links or infrastructure.

Risk dashboard

A real-time overview of your organization's risk and performance. It allows managers to quickly identify risks across all areas, prioritize them, and take corrective action as needed.

Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions (CAPAs)

It helps to prioritize and identify corrective and preventive actions in a systematic way. It gives the ability to monitor, evaluate, take action on any failures which may have caused an issue or simply just give feedback for improvement.

Exceptions Management

It is a comprehensive approach to detecting, responding and resolving technical problems as quickly as possible in order to reduce disruptions for individuals or organizations using the technology.

Dashboards and heat maps

Boost decision-making using powerful dashboards

AdaptiveGRC intuitive interface provides the ability to quickly visualize complex risk data in the form of heat maps and dashboards. Make data-driven decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your risk landscape, with all information at a glance.

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Audit Trail

Increase Transparency with Robust Reporting

Our audit trail feature allows you to clearly identify, track, and control any changes that may occur throughout the system, ensuring that your company remains compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards.

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Risk Register

Manage and prioritize key risks and actions

It will help you identify, assess, monitor and effectively manage the various risks associated with running your organization. The intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy for all departments to streamline their risk management processes and simplify any associated tasks.

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Sebastian B. CEO | Computer & Network Security

One of the best GRC software with very good price

Adaptive GRC offers a great deal of flexibility in supporting GRC&AUDIT processes. The product is continuously developed and the customer receives new possibilities and functionalities. In addition, the price is very attractive in comparison to competitive products. The support team takes a flexible approach to the customer's needs.

Marcin K. Chief Information Security Officer | Financial Services

Comprehensive platform for managing risk and compliance

I used AdaptiveGRC Compliance and Risk Management modules for more than a year. Implementation went smooth, and the support team was always very helpful. I especially value the functionality AdaptiveGRC offers - all GRC processes can be managed in one tool, and there is a single database. The tool helped my organization lower operating costs and gain a better understanding of risks in the organization.

Jasween K. Compliance Pharmaceuticals

Perfect program for compliance control

It is amazing that thanks to AdaptiveGRC individual assessment management can be shortened from days to minutes. The tool can generate reports for different stakeholders containing only their desired assessment outcome data. I appreciate much the possibility of generating compliance specification lists for supplier contracts or internal departments.

Verified Reviewer Insurance | Self-employed

AdaptiveGRC supports insurance companies in their risk and compliance management processes

I used AdaptiveGRC to 1. support insurance companies' compliance management processes following a complex industry-specific regulation. 2. I also used AdaptiveGRC to support the process of managing and monitoring data processors as GDPR came into effect. I experienced a significant increase in efficiency in both cases.

D Scott C. Business Development | Biotechnology

What's in a name...

As the name is representative, AdaptiveGRC is a complete, interconnected GRC solution that can be adapted to organizations across industries and size. The AGRC team did a superb job designing and building a best-in-class GRC solution that addresses the challenges faced in today's uncertain and ever-changing global business climate. Working with the AGRC team has been a pleasure and the support they have provided is exceptional.

Anna C. Head of Fin Crimes Team | Banking

Financial institutions could benefit greatly from AdaptiveGRC

I am happy to be able to use AdaptiveGRC in my work. This dedicated solution is very helpful for anyone that has to fill out the SREP questionnaire. The extra time I gained was priceless. The platform's design was also very appealing to me. The fact that it was so simple to use was a major plus for me. Due to its comparison capabilities with past years' forms, I was able to cut down on the amount of time it took to complete the new questionnaire. What is more, I was able to monitor the progress of the people assigned to the process.

Verified Reviewer Insurance

Great support for inurance company

My overall experience has been great. I also liked the layout of the platform. The time and control I gained is invaluable. I like the fact that it was very easy to use. It definitely allowed me to shorten the time I had to spend on filling out the SREP questionnaire. I also could easily control the status of work of my team members, check their progress, and monitor on daily basis.

Leigh M. National Accounts | Consumer Goods

AdaptiveGRC - Big Player in GRC

Easy to install and easy to configure. Out of the box solution. Cloud based or Server. AdaptiveGRC is an enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (eGRC) solution set with unique and unequalled capabilities. AdaptiveGRC can be deployed as one fully interconnected solution suite, or you can choose one or more modules.


The AdaptiveGRC platform offers a variety of modules to help manage GRC activities for your company.

In order to meet your company's specific needs, our team of experienced developers can tailor the required functionalities to deliver exactly what your company needs. If your company requires a customized module to effectively meet its needs, we can help.

Let us fit the best solution for your company. Fill out the form below.

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