The AdaptiveGRC platform offers a variety of modules to help manage GRC activities for your company.

In order to meet your company's specific needs, our team of experienced developers can tailor the required functionalities to deliver exactly what your company needs. If your company requires a customized module to effectively meet its needs, we can help.

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    Internal Audit

    Centralize, streamline and automate the entire internal audit process. Automate tasks such as scheduling of audits, identifying areas of non-compliance or risk exposures, developing action plans to address any issues identified during the audit, tracking post-audit recommendations and generating reports in real time. Get an access to a centralized repository where you can securely store findings from multiple sources in one place.

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    Risk Management

    Use AdaptiveGRC to manage, manage, analyze, visualize and report risk exposures in accordance with your directives. Apply established principles such as ISO 31000. Track risk treatment strategies with intuitive heatmaps and dashboards. Prepare corrective action plans. Stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications.

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    Take days off from running onsite and self-assessments. Access full electronic record and audit trail functionality that meets different regulations and provides assistance when due diligence is required. The dashboard, automated reports, and real-time notifications will ensure you stay on top of things as you monitor compliance results against business units, suppliers, and IT applications.

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    Internal Control

    Identify the most relevant controls needed in your company. Track the status of existing controls, and create new ones as needed. Document and monitor progress on remediation efforts when problems occur. Quickly analyze data for decision making purposes such as identifying trends or areas requiring additional attention.

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