Key Internal Audit Manager Features:

  • RFlexible audit universe
  • RRisk assessment for each area
  • REffective audit planning
  • RComplete control over the audit process
  • RMonitoring of post-audit recommendations

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Key Compliance Manager Features:

  • RStorage and version management of a unified control objectives framework
  • RAdvanced Risk Profiling features to build a clear and rapid view of your audit and assessment priorities
  • RDynamic selection of appropriate questions and streamlined compliance assessments

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Document Manager Features:

  • RAn online register of all documents
  • RTransparent approval process
  • RStatus reports and dashboards

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Enterprise Architect Manager Features:

  • RConnects track between systems together with their governance implications with less time and effort - internal and external systems are efficiently inventoried in one place
  • RHelps easily identify system duplications and other savings opportunities thanks to dynamic analytical management reports
  • RGives an instant access to relevant data from other AdaptiveGRC products - incident, risk and other GRC data can flow automatically into EA Manager from other AdaptiveGRC system
  • RBuilds to deal with external and internal systems to reflect outsourced / cloud system needs – it adapts to reflect your organization’s business model, priorities and requirements
  • RProvide as stand-alone operation, or as a part of a fully connected GRC framework
  • RKey stakeholders such as the Privacy Officer can get easy and instant access to the GRC status of the applications relevant to them
  • RYou get complete traceability (full audit trail and electronic signature capabilities)

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Enterprise Risk Manager Features:

  • RStores and manages the customers Risk Register
  • RFollows the established principles of Risk Management including ISO 31000
  • RAllows the Risk Owner to have multiple stakeholders inputting into a single risk record
  • RHas ability to correlate risks with root cause (via Incident Manager), technologies (via EA Manager), governance gaps and compliance status (via Compliance Manager)
  • RProvides unmatched management information reporting

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Key Quality Manager Features:

  • RProvides full Quality Management system functionality including Incident Management, Audit Events and Observations, Action Management (CAPA), Exception Management, Deviations, Investigations
  • RStreamlines operation of quality management activities
  • RProvides full traceability of the suspected or confirmed quality defect’s management
  • RMakes all of the QMS information available to other modules and creates a holistic view to help identify trends and patterns across all company-wide GRC activities
  • RProvides full audit trail and electronic signature options

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Personal Information Manager Features:

  • RFor Data Protection Officers – conduct an internal audit to evaluate compliance with GDPR. Users will have the opportunity to validate the degree to which their organization complies with the Regulation and identify areas that need remedial actions to improve compliance posture
  • RFor managing personal data breach response – fully control personal data breach incident response and initiate implementation of corrective and remedial actions
  • RFor personal data controllers and processors – register filing systems (structured sets of personal data), purposes and means of their processing in order to ensure compliance with GDPR in all areas to which the regulations apply
  • RFor professional guidance on the complex text of GDPR – access the full text of the Regulation with explanatory and helpful notes to interpret the spirit and requirement of each article

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