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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between active and passive users?

Active users in the organization have full access to the application. They can conduct daily actions, register risks, create and run assessments, etc. These are usually associates from your risk, compliance, or audit team. Passive users have limited access to the application. They can view the reports, be action owners, register activities connected with their actions, initiate risk records and be assessment hosts

2. Do you deliver a mobile application version?

No, currently we don’t support a mobile application

3. Is AdaptiveGRC cloud only?

No. Depending on your needs it can be installed in private cloud version (SaaS) or on-premises.

4. Where is your cloud hosted?

We have duplicated hosting in two physical data centers in Germany, app, and database replication. Our hosting provider is AWS.

5. Which external tools and softwares can be integrated wit AdaptiveGRC?

We issue views for reporting tools (PowerBI and Tableau) for creating reports based on the AdaptiveGRC database. In addition, our solution can be integrated with AD services (e.g. Azure AD). We also build interfaces with systems such as ServiceNow, Workday, and Onetrus.

6. How long does the standard implementation take?

Our solution in a standard version, can be live in 3 to 6

7. What support will I have buying agrc?

For us, it’s a priority that our customers, from the first demo presentation through the implementation process till the moment of complete understanding of the solution, are taken good care of. That’s why we will provide an online training session with our Subject Mater Expert, onboarding videos, and manuals. Also, this year we will be adding an interactive guide to our solution.

8. What barriers of entry must I overcome to implement and use AdaptiveGRC?

There are no technical barriers. We’ve broad experience in off-site SaaS implementations all around the globe, our experts will take care of that. If you implement AdaptiveGRC on-premises, it uses standard Microsoft technologies.

9. How secure is AdaptiveGRC?

The application is designed and developed to meet US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 functionality for electronic records and electronic signatures. All installed instances of the application meet standard SAS70 and the principles of ISO 27001. We also align with the European GDPR Regulations for privacy data protection. Users' access is based on system roles, we also build permissions based on detailed roles assigned to a person.

10. Do you provide content such as risk libraries, control libraries, and regulations?

No, for the time being, we don’t provide the content. However, we will help you migrate your content into the solution.

11. What is your experience in regulated industries?

AdaptiveGRC was developed in 2009 for one of the Fortune 50 pharmaceutical companies. Since then, we’ve extended our solution and started cooperation with global companies from heavily regulated Life Science and Financial industries. We ensure that AdaptiveGRC is always at the forefront of the change in the Market.

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