Quality Manager

Measure Monitor Manage
key quality records!

Key Features:

  • RProvides full Quality Management system functionality including Incident Management, Audit Events and Observations, Action Management (CAPA), Exception Management, Deviations, Investigations
  • RStreamlines operation of quality management activities
  • RProvides full traceability of the suspected or confirmed quality defect’s management
  • RMakes all of the QMS information available to other modules and creates a holistic view to help identify trends and patterns across all company-wide GRC activities
  • RProvides full audit trail and electronic signature options

More Quality Manager Features:

Whenever a finding countermeasure or other quality management record is created, the Quality Manager system acts as hub to help manage these items to closure and associate them with other relevant record types. Quality Manager is a one-stop-shop for measuring, monitoring and managing key quality records including:

  • RFindings
  • RCountermeasures
  • RActions (CAPA +)
  • RDeviations
  • RIncidents
  • RInvestigations
  • ROther Compliance Events

Each record type has its own workflows and tables and can also be reviewed holistically allowing for easier and earlier identification of risks and trends in the quality framework.


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Quality Manager - Actions


As a sub-module of Quality Manager, this solution tracks the status, ownership and completion of critical organizational actions relating to governance, risk and compliance activities. Features include full traceability to all records associated with an action.

Quality Manager - Events


Actively records, analyses and reports any other record types and events in individual tables and workflows to ensure consistent management and resolution of all quality records.

Understand and analyze your risk universe.

“AdaptiveGRC can be deployed as one fully interconnected solution suite.”

Auditors, management, the board can have quick and easy access to current and historical information related to audits and their recommendations, all in one place.

Jan Anisimowicz

Chief Commercial Officer, Member of the Management Board | C&F

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    Compliance Manager

    Flexible, online turnkey system designed to provide customers with tools meeting compliance needs.

    Document Manager

    Flexible and user-friendly solution to manage approval process for documents.

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    AdaptiveGRC Rapid Deployment Options



    Organizations sometimes need a compliance solution in place as fast as possible. You may be looking to replace an older, inadequate solution, or install the organization’s first ever dedicated compliance management tool (Excel has its limitations!). Maybe the driver is that you have just had a compliance incident and need to show regulators that you are taking the situation seriously.

    Whatever the facts may be, for urgent situations or lower budgets, AdaptiveGRC has ready to go configurations that allow it to be installed and ready to go in a matter of days. No customizations needed, no long and costly consultations required, it can be up and running in the cloud in as few as 3 days.

    Łukasz Krzewicki | Audit, Risk & Compliance Expert


    “Example Scenario: We just got hit by a data loss or data breach.”

    As you start to run your incident root cause analysis, you also need a lot of supporting information, fast. AdaptiveGRC can be in place, equipped with all of the key compliance control checks within 1 day of receiving the signed licence and purchase order. The software can reduce the processing time for setting-up and sending out compliance control assessments to internal service providers and/or external suppliers to under a minute, even when multiple regulations are involved. Once results are received, these are instantly viewable individually or for patterns and trends across the pool of data.

    Fast, accurate assessment of the problems and swift countermeasures can make a difference to show the regulators that you are taking the right corrective actions.

    • ZOnce the emergency has passed you can add our other modules as they become important for you. They are all built using the same design principles, and share data seamlessly.

    Measure Monitor Manage
    key quality records!

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