Data Management & Business Insight

„The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

~ Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.

Data itself does not bring much value until it is transformed into an information. Good quality information provides answers to who, what, where and when questions, but without a context it does not become and insight and won’t provide answers to how and why.

In our solutions we pay special attention to data quality, empowering users to concentrate on interpretation of information and searching for valuable insigths.

Key benefits:

  • More complete view of customers (what they want and expect) by leveraging outcomes from CRM, pricing and MCM applications:
  • Increase focus on profitability areas
    • improved targeting and allocation of limited commercial resources
    • precise measuring of sales reps effectiveness
  • Improve your management of markets from headquarters through centralized reporting Enable each country to “self serve” their business information needs
  • Reduce cost of data management, compliance management and IT operations by taking ownership of specific costs and risks (Service Management)



Enterprise Data Warehouse for Pharma

Enterprise Data Warehouse designed for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company implemented in more than 60 markets all over the world. It consists of core platform with country customizations and 5 modules, each to be deployed separately or any combinations: Sales, Inventory, Sales Force Activities, Pricing and Market Share.

  • Web-based and mobile ready Global / Regional Level Dashboards with easy to use interactive dashboard  for Senior Management
  • Web-based and mobile ready comprehensive Market Level Dashboards and Reports delivering:
    • Sales force (area, region) performance reporting
    • Trends & forecast enablement
    • Regional & sub-regional insights, cross country reporting
    • Cross domain data insights e.g. sales, FFE, market share, pricing, etc.
    • Brand & Account analysis ex. pricing, efficacy, growers, decliners etc.
  • Self-service / Ad-hoc BI reporting capabilities
  • Data Integration layer for multiple data sources through a common core set of engines driven by metadata supporting country-specific requirements

Enterprise Data Warehouse for Animal Health

DWBI solution designed for one of the world’s largest animal health company implemented in more than 30 markets all over the world. It provides:

  • automatic integration of commercial internal and external data from various data sources or providers (regardless of file formats used) to get complete view of business performance
  • ability to compare effectiveness measures of markets with different business models
  • Performance Visual Dashboard and Sales Management Dashboards linked to FFE (web-based and mobile)
  • Market Evolution Index leveraging enhanced CEESA data analysis
  • Dedicated operational dashboards/reports to discover anomalies in sales (i.e. products repackaging, anomalies between distributor sales-in and sales-out, etc.) and orders (duplicated orders, incomplete orders, etc.)
  • Ad-hoc reporting