Implementation of the AdaptiveGRC system – AdaptiveBION module

Implementation of the AdaptiveGRC system – AdaptiveBION module



Santander Bank is a leading finance group in Poland in terms of assets. Like all banks, Santander is subject to the BION assessment aimed at identifying the scale and types of risk the bank is faced with, evaluating the quality of risk management, evaluating the size of the capital set aside to cover risks related to the bank’s activities and management. One aspect of the BION assessment is the sizeable annual self-assessment forms for risk management, sent in by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (PFSA). 

The self-assessment forms for banks comprise 13 Excel spreadsheets containing a total of more than 600 questions. A major challenge for the person tasked with coordinating the process is thus directing the questions to the relevant divisions, ensuring proper and timely responses are returned, collating these in a final version of the spreadsheet and acquiring approvals from all parties involved. This is necessarily time-consuming and poses difficulties in monitoring progress, which leads to work accumulating until last minute. 



Santander Bank Polska S.A. decided to implement the AdaptiveBION module to support the BION self-assessment process by completing the spreadsheets in an application which allows for real-time progress monitoring. 

The main goals of the implementation were: 

  • to automate and accelerate the process of completing BION forms, 
  • to facilitate the monitoring and coordination of work, 
  • to enhance the process of assigning responsibility for particular areas to appropriate personnel, 
  • to facilitate concurrent work on forms – providing answers and seeking approval, 
  • to ensure easy access at all times to all current and past forms. 

The AdaptiveBION application supports users in assigning questions to the right people, fill in answers in the forms and getting approvals for these. The system’s key functions are: 

  • comparing the current form with last year’s and mapping corresponding questions, 
  • assigning particular questions to particular personnel responsible for answering them and approval, 
  • automated approval process, including multi-level approvals, 
  • adding consultations to questions (optional), 
  • ability to look up last year’s answers and copy them, 
  • real-time assessment status for each spreadsheet shown to persons tasked with coordinating each spreadsheet and the entire process, 
  • email notifications for all members of the form-filling team. 

AdaptiveGRC implementation benefits:

  • Full control over current implementation and history of recommendations and audits 
  • Up-to-date monitoring of implementation progres 
  • Quick access to detailed information  
  • Automatic notifications about status changes