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    Audit Manager Features:

    Efficiently plan, execute and evaluate the results of your audit efforts with Audit Manager.

    Audit Manager is able to generate the full auditor toolkit, covering multiple regulations without duplicating content. Information on control tests, implications of control failures and regulatory mappings are all visible to the auditor. Reporting and results can be viewed holistically or from any single parameter.

    Configure the workflow and review stages to meet your organizations’ requirements.

    • RCovers single audits multiple regulatory checks without duplicating any controls or tests
    • RRequires less effort to scope audits and creates reports through a series of automated features
    • RGives abilities for audit teams to work in the same audit record at the same time
    • RGenerates instant reports to measure, monitor and manage your audit landscape
    • RCompletes audit reports, which can be viewed holistically or by any combination of applicable regulations that were involved with no additional human effort
    • RAll results across all regulatory checks are pooled without duplication for easier review and analysis including the identification of remediation trends or efficiency opportunities
    • RMeets CFR 21 Part 11 requirements by full audit trail and electronic signature capabilities