AdaptiveGRC Risk Manager

Risk management can be considered to be the management and monitoring of potential future events that could present a significant threat or vulnerability to the intended operation, finances or function of an organization.

AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Risk Manager is a risk management solution that can be used standalone, but is most powerful when it leverages the AdaptiveGRC single, integrated framework. This allows organizations to capture, correlate and compare perceived risks with operational risk information available across the rest of the AdaptiveGRC system.

AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Risk Manager offers you one place to record and then elaborate on perceived risks as the available information improves and the status of the risk evolves. AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Risk Manager features a risk lifecycle workflow, with evolutionary reporting dashboards to support management visualization, to help determine the priority of portfolio investments. Compare your risks on a common scale and combine traditional and proven risk management approaches with the power of a single, integrated governance, risk and compliance system.

AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Risk Manager allows you to challenge, validate and/or provide supporting metrics when used in conjunction with other AdaptiveGRC product options.

This all works because AdaptiveGRC is one system and one framework, not linked applications.

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