AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Architect Manager

AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Architect Manager is the first system in the world with the ability to track your regulatory requirements and compliance status down to the system and data flow level – even when those systems or data flows are outside of your network (but still inside your responsibility).

An absence of an inclusive map of your IT architecture can severely constrain your organization’s agility and compliance and open up greater operational risks. A clear understanding of what items are in your enterprise architecture and how they are connected can drive success.

Because EA Manager is part of the AdaptiveGRC suite, it allows you to correlate your technology inventory with your compliance and risk status. This provides powerful and instant reporting of risk exposures and compliance by regulation, system, country, technology, data flow or any other measurement you choose to set-up.


What will you gain thanks to AdaptiveGRC EA Manager?

Lower operating costs

  • You get instant access to relevant data from other AGRC products.
  • Internal and external systems are efficiently inventoried in one place.
  • You can track connections between systems together with their governance implications with less time and effort.
  • Dynamic analytical management reports help easily identify system duplications and other savings opportunities.


  • EA Manager is built to deal with external as well as internal systems to reflect outsourced / cloud system needs. It adapts to reflect your organization’s business model, priorities and requirements and you choose the content you want to get.
  • You can have it as stand-alone operation, or as part of a fully connected GRC framework.

Superior GRC Information

  • Our EA Manager can be configured to correlate your GRC information needs – for example – the list of suppliers for an application plus their risk profile and compliance status.
  • Incident, risk and other GRC data can flow automatically into EA Manager from other AGRC systems.
  • Key stakeholders such as the Privacy Officer can get easy and instant access to the GRC status of the applications relevant to them.
  • You get complete traceability (full audit trail and electronic signature capabilities).

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