AdaptiveGRC Audit Manager

The demands on auditing departments are greater than ever. In addition to supporting the full audit lifecycle, many organizations are now expecting to also have the ability to provide risk-based audits that can cover multiple regulations and standards from a single audit event. This is the very objective on which the AdaptiveGRC Audit Manager software has been built.

Audit Manager can support many different regulations and standards from one library of checklist material that you control.

During the audit preparation stage, based on the requirements for the particular event, the software is able to dynamically generate an appropriate checklist in less than a second (something that otherwise takes a skilled compliance expert several days).

The software also eliminates any duplication of audit questions, but preserves the relevance of the response to all the regulations and standards that are being checked. This unique ability helps to ensure that all the necessary governance requirements can be checked without duplicating effort from both auditor and audit hosting resources.

Unlike many other tools, Audit Manager is also able to support the differing requirements for both internal and external (supplier or provider) audit events.

The application also features automatic report authoring options, allowing key outcome data from the audit event to be taken directly into the audit report document and edited with the minimum of effort from the auditor.

Even better, online versions of the report can also be instantly filtered to show only the outcome information relevant to the regulations and standards of interest to the stakeholder reading the report.

These are just some of the features of the software that can help to streamline your audit management process at the same time as increasing the capabilities of your auditing team.

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