Big Data & Data Science

"Data is the new science. Big data holds the answers."

~ Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware.

According to Dell’s annual Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI 2015) organizations actively using big data solutions experiencing revenue growth up to 53 percent higher than organizations, who have not invested in big data. The biggest barrier to enter or expand in big data world was cost. But not anymore.

Leveraging our experience in building big data solutions, we have developed highly scalable and very cost-effective big data solutions easily integrating with user friendly, robust analytical tools that will unlock your people’s potential.

Key benefits:

  • Improve decision quality by identification of business critical information and valuable insights
  • Integrate market intelligence and SF/digital/social media data for MCM applications
  • Generate more insights by enabling analytics on unstructured data sources
  • Optimize resources by delivering pre-processed, clean data for Data Scientists and Data Analysts, enabling them to focus on generating superior, timely and actionable insights
  • Compare campaign effectiveness between different markets/products
  • Better target your customer needs by leveraging insights from segmentation
  • Understand demographic of your customers and uncover new segments



Analytical Platform

Highly durable, highly scalable Data Lake platform hosted in AWS, designed and developed for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, with both extensive R&D and business analytics operations. The platform covers several major components and tools that all together deliver the following:

  • agile staging, blending, enriching, integration and analysis sub-environments
  • data collection from various data sources
  • processing of internal and external, structured and unstructured, raw and conformed datasets
  • user friendly interface for data analytics
  • cost effective infrastructure – the business pays only for the actual use

Data Repository

Flexible solution to manage, control and share large volume of company’s data. The tool combines the following features:

  • indexing and self-describing data services (automatic data and files classification)
  • ability for users to describe and tag data and files
  • support for structured and unstructured data
  • ability to create mappings between different
  • datasets and files data and files sharing with support of simple workflow elements (i.e. approvals before export to external systems)
  • data access and sharing through user friendly interface and API.