C&F has extensive experience in helping customers to design and create data warehouse solutions. Unlike some of our competitors, we can offer business analysis to help you determine the information that is most critical to you and the best sources you have to obtain that operational data.


The ability to access key operational data is essential to all businesses.

In larger organizations, your critical data can often reside across multiple systems, often across different locations and without an easy way to centrally collect and analyze the information.

Data warehouses are designed to pull together your key operational data, to provide consistent and helpful operational information that can be used to help analyze performance and support better strategic management decisions.

Because our business analysis and data warehouse teams work closely together, this also supports much quicker delivery times between initial analysis, the creation of the data integration connections and the availability of your production data warehouse.

We have experience of dealing with a wide range of different data sources and in simplifying seemingly complex data relationships to help provide you with a data warehouse that provides access to the operational data you require.